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Made in Your Own Back Yard

6 Feb

There is a good deal of talk right now about Made in USA. I am a big fan of US made products. Did you know that AR has a few of it’s own cycling brands?

Oury Grips are made in Imboden AR and are one of the most iconic grips in the MTB world. I can still remember the first set of their grips that i got. I felt like I had arrived as a mountain biker that day.

MEECH and SYMOND are both custom frame builders that call AR home. Meech is in Mtn Home and Symond is located in Fayetteville. I have a Meech right now and will soon have a Symond as well. I can attest that these are quality guys that know their stuff.

This is an old photo but one of the only ones I have with both the bikes in it.

Not made in AR but still cool is Orbea bicycles whose North American Headquarters is in Little Rock.

If you know of any others out there that I should be aware of please let me know.

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5 Feb

memorial day ride

Every year the snow and ice thaw (eventually) and give way to the warmer temps and greener hillsides of spring and summer. With life being as hectic as it can be hard to know what the coming year will bring.

Still, despite the uncertainty of future events we as humans still can’t seem to get away from planning things. The last few days and weeks have almost included more snow days than work days. I have found solace in my old friend .

This is a great place to record and plan routes that you have done or plan to do. I like it much better than some of the other sites out there. No ads and no frills just a good way to see what you might otherwise overlook.

Here are a couple of the routes that I have put together while hoping to see more sunshine than snow.

Memorial day ride
The memorial day ride is becoming a HR tradition that I look forward to greatly through the spring.

Dirt Tour Day 3
This is one of the Legs of a multi-day bicycle adventure in the Ozarks. I am hoping to complete at least a few of the legs, if not all, this year.

Who knows if I will actually have the time to do any of these planned rides but I know that I’ve had a blast looking at the routes and imagining the things that I will see out in the world.

Also, worth a look is the Bike Arkansas Calendar of events. It is a great resource to see what rides are on the local calendar for the coming cycling season.

What are your plans?

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The Other Side of The Mirror

9 Jan
The perfect bike is one that is ridden

The perfect bike is one that is ridden

After so long in the bike business you get used to the role that you are supposed to play. Our goal as service providers is to provide a positive experience to others that share our hobby. Bike shops exist to serve cyclists. We help guide the buying process, offer advice about gear, and are here to service bicycles as needed.

We are experts in our field and ply our trade with pride. However, after working in the shop for 8+ hours a day sometimes the last thing a shop employee wants is to spend another hour or two on the bike. As life closes in around our free time, sometimes cycling is the first thing to go. It is, after all, a fairly time intensive endeavor. Sometimes we need to be reminded that the profession we are lucky enough to hold is also the sport that we fell in love with at some point in the past.

Lately I have been feeling a little less than enthusiastic about cycling. A very spirited toddler and the commute to our new Rogers location have sapped any energy that I have come 8:30 at night. (The time of day that I normally have a few free minutes).
We spend our day communicating cycling love to others and attempting to empower their inspiration and motivation, but what do bike shop guys do when they need some of their own medicine.

For me, it has been a real treat to deal with Joel McCourt of Symond Cycles on a collaboration. I have known Joel a while and visited his shop in Early 2012. I have always wanted to get a bike from Joel since I found out that he was starting his business. It is nice to talk to someone who I know has all the experience and knowledge that I do, and can talk to you on an equal playing field about what I want and understands how to deliver it.

I’ll update more on this project as It develops. Rest assured, it wont be a race bike but it will be what I want for this phase of my life.

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Fitting In … (Bike Fitting That Is)

3 Jan
Everything works together

Everything works together

In the recent years “bike fitting” has been getting a lot of attention. The cycling industry and consumer market has been inundated with a glut of fancy gizmos and gadgets that “guarantee” power increases, speed increases, penile flow increases, and purple unicorns. How do we get past the hype and find out what really matters? All the technology in the world isn’t going to do any good (and in many cases can do harm) if the tempered eye of a thoughtful and experienced professional is not there to interpret the information and use it to the most good.

The Holy Grail of Bike Fit

Every bike fitting “system” and almost every bike “fitter” will tell you that what they do is the best. I say that is wrong and you should steer clear of those that claim some sort of monopoly on good bike fitting practices. I think that through the years that I have been in the cycling business I can recall a half dozen individuals that have come and gone in the area of “bike fitters”. Almost all of them were the “best” in the area.

I think the best bike fit is not an objective position that everyone should be in. The best bike fit is the one that allows the rider to enjoy their riding the most. This not going to be the same for all cyclists. The cross country touring cyclist is not going to be as concerned with power and aerodynamics. Neither is the defending state time trial champion going to be concerned that his aerodynamic tuck isn’t that comfortable to ride for three hours.

A very wise man in the cycling world once said that in regard to bicycle components you have three characteristics light, strong, cheap. The consumer can choose two of these characteristics in a product but not all three. Bike fitting is not quite so exclusive but the overall theme of having to choose what you want most out of your bike fit is still relevant.

It comes down to experience. I mean this in two ways.
1)The experience that the rider wants to have.
2)The experience of the bike fitter.
Both of these are equally important; each plays a critical role in the outcome of the bike fit.

Repetition is the best way to learn anything. The more times you do something the more examples you have to reference for future jobs. For this reason, I say the experience of the individual performing the bike fit is much more important than the “system” that they are using.

That is not to say that a new bike fitter using a fancy system won’t do a good job of fitting a bicycle. I’m sure they can do a fine job if they take their time and listen to the cyclist throughout the process. I’m saying that there is an inordinate amount of hype and hyperbole surrounding bike fitting right now. The best bike fit is the one you feel good about as you ride down the road.

Start at the begining

Start at the begining

If you are considering a bike fit please contact us. We are here to help. We will talk to you about your issues, listen to your goals, discuss pricing, explain technique, and set up a time for you to come in. No hype. No gimmicks. just our experience helping to improve your riding experience.

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The life of a Bicycle

21 Dec

This video is one of the staff picks at Vimeo. It is worth a watch.

I have been on almost all sides of this bicycle experience.

THE BICYCLE from Adam Neustadter on Vimeo.

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De Pijp State Champs Shirts

20 Dec

We have some awesome Tees left from the Highroller/Depijp Cyclocross State Champs race this past Sunday.

Modeled by one of our elite racers Mr Ben Glenn

Modeled by one of our elite racers Mr Ben Glenn

The reaction of the guy on the right is indicative of the reactions that one should expect from others while wearing the tee

The reaction of the guy on the right is indicative of the reactions that one should expect from others while wearing the tee

These commemorative tees will let all your friends know that you are supporter of cyclocross in the Natural State and as such you are much cooler than they are. They will be green with envy and will covet your most amazing shirt until their dying day. … Or until they get one for themselves.

In all seriousness though, tee shirts are still available! $20 plus mailing fees. Leave a comment or email mrbenglenn at yahoo dot com

All the proceeds go to the betterment of cyclocross in Arkansas. and the purchase of bourbon and beer.

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Sram Hydraulic Road Brake Recall

19 Dec

We are sorry to relay the news of the latest SRAM road hydraulic recall.

We have already contacted all of our customers who purchased this product and will keep you updated on the status of this recall.

The website for this recall is

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Arkansas Cyclocross State Champs

2 Dec

We have a little less than two weeks from the Arkansas Cyclocross State Champs. I am using this blog as a way to put out some info on the event.

statesraceflyer v2 copy

So far we are set up to have a really great event. We have had a great season of racing this year (so I have heard). This is the last race in the Arkansas Super Prestige Series and I hope to make it memorable.

I am mainly interested in making the course as good as possible. That is why most of us race cross anyway. Here is the basic outline of the course. It will be run in a counter clockwise direction. I am hoping to make the course very European in nature. There should be a long muddy section, sand, pavement, long field sections, and good spectating areas too.

Brief course outline

Brief course outline

We also know that those traveling into the area may want to know where to stay. If you need suggestions check out this list

The event is the State Champs for Cyclocross if you didn’t know already. As such we will be awarding state champ jerseys to the following categories. I have secured no extra $ for the payout other than the % of entry fees that was listed on the flyer.

Cat 1/2
Cat 3
Cat 4
Cat 5
Juniors men(boys)
Juniors women(girls)
Women cat 4
Women cat123
Masters 35-40
Masters 41-45
Master 46-55
Master 56+

I confirmed today that we will be hosted by the Ozark Beer Co for the after party. We will award jerseys and medals at that time and place. Not before. This will give us time to calculate results for the categories before the awards presentation. The overall awards for the Arkansas Super Prestige Series will also be presented at that time.

This is going to be fun.

De Pijp is producing these limited edish tees to commemprate the 2013 Season of ASPS. They will be available for purchase at the race.
deDijpTees copy

IF you have any other questions feel free to contact me at the Rogers Shop. 479-254-9800

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TTR Bike Drive

11 Nov

If you have ever taken a look at the “Angel Tree” that Salvation Army does every year you will know that almost every kid asks for a bike. Bicycles are still one of the most empowering and enjoyable toys that a child can get at Christmas (or any other time).

The Flyer for the Bike Drive

We’re teaming up with Triple Threat Racing For this awesome bike drive. We are going to accept and tune up all the donated bikes. We are donating labor and giving the team a discount on parts needed to get the bikes ready for donation. New bikes will be purchased with the raised monies from the drive too. We’ll be collecting monetary donations and used bicycles/trikes/whips now through Thursday, December 5th. Drop off your donated bikes or monetary contributions at the Highroller Rogers location (402 S Metro Pkwy) M-F 10am-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm. 479-254-9800

You can also donate online at

Please feel free to forward this to any other teams/clubs/friends/etc that might jump on board. Together we can make a difference for these kids and spread the love we all share for our sport!

TTR 2013 Bike Drive Flyer

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A Bright Idea

6 Nov

As the darkness closes in on our evening hours it becomes more important to have a good set of lights. The Serfas TSL-1000 is a great way to get both your headlight and taillight in one simple unit.

The battery pack has a built in led strip that allows it to double as a tailight.

The battery pack has a built in led strip that allows it to double as a tailight.

In addition to the taililght feature the battery can also serve as a mobile power source for other small electronic devices such as cell phones.

Easy access to the port for charging other devices.

Easy access to the port for charging other devices.

The 1000 can be mounted to either the bar, stem, helmet, or anywhere else you can get the mount to attach. It also comes with the optional remote to turn it on or off.

The remote allows for mounting the light in un orthodox ways.

The remote allows for mounting the light in un orthodox ways.

Best of all, it is a Serfas. That means that it is reliable and backed up by one of the best warranties in the light game.

We have the lights in stock at both the Rogers Arkansas and Fayetteville Arkansas locations.

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