5 Feb

memorial day ride

Every year the snow and ice thaw (eventually) and give way to the warmer temps and greener hillsides of spring and summer. With life being as hectic as it can be hard to know what the coming year will bring.

Still, despite the uncertainty of future events we as humans still can’t seem to get away from planning things. The last few days and weeks have almost included more snow days than work days. I have found solace in my old friend .

This is a great place to record and plan routes that you have done or plan to do. I like it much better than some of the other sites out there. No ads and no frills just a good way to see what you might otherwise overlook.

Here are a couple of the routes that I have put together while hoping to see more sunshine than snow.

Memorial day ride
The memorial day ride is becoming a HR tradition that I look forward to greatly through the spring.

Dirt Tour Day 3
This is one of the Legs of a multi-day bicycle adventure in the Ozarks. I am hoping to complete at least a few of the legs, if not all, this year.

Who knows if I will actually have the time to do any of these planned rides but I know that I’ve had a blast looking at the routes and imagining the things that I will see out in the world.

Also, worth a look is the Bike Arkansas Calendar of events. It is a great resource to see what rides are on the local calendar for the coming cycling season.

What are your plans?

Thanks For Reading.


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