The Other Side of The Mirror

9 Jan
The perfect bike is one that is ridden

The perfect bike is one that is ridden

After so long in the bike business you get used to the role that you are supposed to play. Our goal as service providers is to provide a positive experience to others that share our hobby. Bike shops exist to serve cyclists. We help guide the buying process, offer advice about gear, and are here to service bicycles as needed.

We are experts in our field and ply our trade with pride. However, after working in the shop for 8+ hours a day sometimes the last thing a shop employee wants is to spend another hour or two on the bike. As life closes in around our free time, sometimes cycling is the first thing to go. It is, after all, a fairly time intensive endeavor. Sometimes we need to be reminded that the profession we are lucky enough to hold is also the sport that we fell in love with at some point in the past.

Lately I have been feeling a little less than enthusiastic about cycling. A very spirited toddler and the commute to our new Rogers location have sapped any energy that I have come 8:30 at night. (The time of day that I normally have a few free minutes).
We spend our day communicating cycling love to others and attempting to empower their inspiration and motivation, but what do bike shop guys do when they need some of their own medicine.

For me, it has been a real treat to deal with Joel McCourt of Symond Cycles on a collaboration. I have known Joel a while and visited his shop in Early 2012. I have always wanted to get a bike from Joel since I found out that he was starting his business. It is nice to talk to someone who I know has all the experience and knowledge that I do, and can talk to you on an equal playing field about what I want and understands how to deliver it.

I’ll update more on this project as It develops. Rest assured, it wont be a race bike but it will be what I want for this phase of my life.

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