What’s with the Alias?

4 Nov

In today’s world of online interaction it can be easy to forget where the line between reality and fiction is. Cycling, in a way, allows us to morph into another persona for a time.

As a sport , cycling allows us to dress up in funny clothes, attack and counter attack our riding partners, and “win” town line sprints just like our heroes on TV.

Perhaps you prefer a more practical side of cycling. As commuters we can make believe that we are healing the earth one pedal stroke at a time as we wage war on car culture.

As triathletes we get the choice of three different activities to provide our alias. “I never thought I would discover my inner-Alias as a triathlete,” said Tara Costa, former Biggest Loser contestant “Training and competing in triathlons over the past few years, including my first Ironman finish, has been exhilarating and empowering on my journey to live a healthier life. This sport has the power to transform lives and Specialized is leading the way with all they do to support women in cycling.”

Unlike avatars and online profiles the person we become on the bike is completely based in the real world. Sometimes it is completely dictated by it. On the bike we can be whoever we want.
The power that the bicycle has to transform and inspire peoples lives is the same in adult life as it was the first time that your parent released the seat and you flew down the driveway under your own power.

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