A Little Late. But still cool.

20 Feb

The snow outside today is keeping people away from the shop so I don’t have much to keep me busy. This weather keeps me thinking of cyclocross and the recent world champs that were held in Louisville KY. I recieved this report from Clay Crymes.

Here is his report:

My Cyclocross World Championships, or So Glad My Phone Died.

I have been to several professional sporting events and even a few pro cycling events such as the tour of Colorado. But nothing could have prepared me for the drama we were going to experience at the Cyclocross Worlds in Louisville Ky. I also don’t think anything could have prepared me for the amount of bourbon we would consume.

For people who follow the sport of cycling it is often described as beautiful. The worlds were truly that. beautiful. The gentle snow against the roar of a frenzied crowed made the war that was going on between the racers feel like the scene from Braveheart where William Wallace throws the sword. The bourbon however made me feel more like the opening scene from the hangover.

What no one really reports is how even a 45 yr old guy when meeting a cycling celebrity such as.. Pat Mcquid, Ned Overend, Jeremy Powers, Ryan Trebon, Zach Mcdonald, Sanne Cant..etc.. etc… TOTALLY NERDS OUT. Like a 14 year old who saw his first boob nerd out. Since all the races were condensed to the one day due to the rising Ohio river all the fun and fanaticism was also crammed into one day. Im a bit glad of this since I don’t think my liver could take much more of partying with a bunch of euro crazies.

Worlds was a once in a wonderful experience and a wonderful step up in American cycling. I hope that this is a preview of more and more in the states.

I captured a few photos my self but thankfully my phone died and I was able to see and feel the layers of the racing and the characters that were in attendance.

Here are some links to some wonderfully photographed moments by good photographers.





You can even watch a replay of all the races if you were so inclined.


Here are some photos that Clay took Prior to loosing his phone I guess.



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