23 Oct

The next cyclocross races in AR are coming up in less than two weeks.

De Pijp Cyclocross Federation, Symond Bicycles, and the Highroller Cyclery are proud to present a another weekend of racing in a familiar venue with a totally new course.Lake Fayetteville North Shore Park has been host to many cyclocross races in the past. This year we are changing things up a little.

This is a good idea of what the course will look like. Some minor changes will possibly happen but nothing major.

We are putting on a pretty low fi event and basically hope to get 40 – 60 people. There is no online registration for this event. Register onsite. We will have some food for racers and families after each days racing. We will also have Arsaga’s on hand with caffeinated beverages.There will be a location for all the teams to set up tents near the start finish for prime area to Heckle riders as they pass (be sure to bring weights to keep them from blowing away if it is windy).

Payout in open races and women’s races race will depend on the number of riders registering. For more info regarding the race you can contact Branton Moore at Highroller Cyclery 479-442-9311.

For Non Racers the NWA Area offers lots to do. Here are a few links to things we like.

Fossil Cove Brewing
Crystal Bridges
Tanglewood Branch
Walton Arts Center


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