Your own personal racetrack

31 Jul

Recently the communities in Northwest Arkansas have been joining the ranks of the more progressive cities in the country and developing mulit-use trails for their citizens to utilize for walking, jogging and cycling. By the end of 2013 we should have one of the nations premier green ways right here in our area. The proposed green way would run from Washington to Benton county.

I love the fact that these trails are here. Since their connection we have seen a big increase in the number of sales of commuting bikes and accessories as well as comfort bikes. I applaud the communities for working together, as well as those whose monetary donations that are making it possible.

The Trails are multi-use and it pains me when I hear people say things like “I had my fastest time ever on the bike path yesterday”. Really?!! You probably also ran four people off into the bushes and ran over three wiener dogs too.

Here’s the thing: I use the trail in Fayetteville almost daily. I am a cyclist primarily but I occasionally run or walk on the trails too. My wife and I will also pull our daughter along in our trailer. Increasingly I am more and more annoyed by the folks that seem to use the trail as their own personal race track.

You know the ones. They generally fly past you at mach 5 with no warning and their Mariah Carey blasting out of their ear buds. As they tear into the distance you can see them cutting the corners and veering lane to lane to gain every last bit of time they can as pedestrians, small animals, and anything else that is on the trail dives for cover. 

Their appearance varies but some of the more common types of the offending cyclists include:
1.The rider on a top level carbon road bike wearing athletic shorts a t-shirt and riding with flat pedals.

2.The mountain bike rider wearing clip in pedals and sporting a full spandex suit with eyes focused on the prize of destroying all comers and besting their previous time.

3. The trendy hipster cruising along on his/her fixed gear with no brakes and their head in the clouds.

4. The uber commuter decked with all panniers and prepared for anything. Running a few minutes late, their steed turns into the equivalent of a semi on the interstate. “I’m coming through so get out of my way.”

I’m not saying that they should not be able to ride the trails. I just want them to be courteous to the other users. I use the trail for commuting to work and riding with my kid trailer or riding to a restaurant with my wife. I do not use it to “train”, get exercise, or ride faster than 15 miles an hour (the speed limit on the trail). I personally feel like ten miles per hour is a good speed to get me where I am going and it still gives me plenty of time to react to anything that might jump out at me.


That is all.

PS. I had a bunch of great pics to post but since I didn’t get permission to use the images i figured it would be best no to.


One Response to “Your own personal racetrack”

  1. ryan maier March 12, 2013 at 9:03 pm #

    The most common offender is a guy on an expensive road bike, wearing race gear, using clipless pedals. They also don’t stop when they’re supposed to, slow down when they’re supposed to, yield when they’re supposed to, give passing warnings when they’re supposed to, etc etc.

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