Feats of Strength 2012

6 Jan

We all ride bikes for different reasons. Two wheels, a chain, and a support frame combined in various configurations yield almost unlimited possibilities.

Charles Atlas knew about feats of strength.

Recreation, adventure, stress relief, exercise, competition, touring, commuting, working. …..

Many of us may start off in one discipline. As our skills improve and our desire to expand our horizons grow; we seek out new challenges. After a while we may need to increase the quiver of bikes available to us.  Ultimately we have a garage full of bikes and gear for all types of riding situations.  It seems that there is always something more on the horizon to peak our cycling interest. Something that you had not thought about before.

For 2012 Highroller Cyclery is planning on participating in events that we think fall into the category of “FEATS OF STRENGTH”.

What is a feat of strength you ask?

It varies for everyone, and these events are going to appeal to several different levels of riders and cross many disciplines. The events will address multiple types of strength and will not always be what you would expect. The event list will be updated as we hear of or come up with new feats throughout the year.

Feat of strength number one:

You never know about January weather in the Ozarks could be nice or naughty.

The Headwaters Challenge: January 28 2012. This is a long technical mountain bike ride. The Challenge begins with 15 challenging miles of singletrack riding around the Headwaters on trails that have recently been given official designation by the Ozark National Forest as the Upper Buffalo Mountain Bike Trail System. This is a very technical ride and will take expert and intermediate riders 2-3 hours to complete. These 15 miles make up the Half Challenge and finish at the start line. Lunch, snacks, beverages and a warm fire are waiting for all riders. After the break, riders can continue on to complete the entire 35+ mile Challenge ride. This requires 20 more miles of mixed Buffalo Headwaters singletrack, doubletrack, and Forest Roads. Riders must be ready to start at 10 AM SHARP! Call How Kuff at 870 861 5613 or email howkuff@yahoo.com for more details. Note that this is an invitational only ride for OORC members. Memberships may be purchased before the start at Foggy Rock Farm. If you plan to attend, it would be very helpful to contact the OORC prior to the week of the Challenge.

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming Feats of Strength.


If you have an idea for a Feat of Strength in 2012 let me know.


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