Fun With Inner Tubes

27 Dec

The inner tube is one of the most crucial bike parts. At it’s debut the inner tube helped to revolutionize the bicycle industry with pneumatic tires. Through the years the once mighty inner tube has faded slowly into the background. Despite it’s vital part of the cycling equation, it’s value is often overlooked. It is viewed by many as a just another part of your kit; something that you must keep a constant supply of on hand should you need one.

Some have made steps toward eliminating the tube by switching  to tubeless; first on the mountain and then the  road. Still,  if a puncture rears it’s ugly head the best and fastest fix is still the inner tube.

I, for one, love the inner tube, and celebrate it’s tradition and utility. So simple an object yet so vital to this sport that we all love. Even outside the confines of a tire there are many ways to use an inner tube. Here are some of my favorites.

Inexpensive, good for the environment, empowering, and impressive to your other cycling friends patching a tube is simpler than you think. For less than $4.00 for a whole patch kit you can repair many tubes. It takes less than two minutes. See the video.

Make some Rubber Bands:

Just cut across the tube in a straight line and you have homemade rubber bands.

Make a chainstay protector:

Not the prettiest but it gets 'r done.

Make Cheesy bike Jewelry:

I didn't say it was cool.

Always have a bungee available:

Inner tubes make good cheap bungee cords

Tow your Friends:
Or make them tow you. This is best done with two experienced riders and can end badly if improperly practiced.

This teqnique varies but I prefer to loop the tube around the head tube of the bike being pulled and then attatch to the front bike.

Make a Giant Slingshot:

Hope you enjoyed,

Send me your suggestions for things you do with your old inner tubes.


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