Winter Projects

3 Dec

Winter months at Highroller are a bit slower than our summer season. We need this down time though to finish up some things left undone and start some long needed improvements to the shop. This time of year is also a better opportunity for blogging. However, the issue with blogging is that there is already enough drivel on the internet to reach from here to the sun and back five times.

Of all the places. I found this image at

This week while I am away from the shop I am trying to think about meaningful and relevant information that our customers can enjoy. Here’s are a few if the things I have come up with.

Simple Elegance: The bicycle is a simple machine and yet the practice of riding a bicycle for sport is rife with rites of passage and unstated nuance that can confound the burgeoning cyclist. The simple elegance series will focus on small things that are a part of every ride that when done correctly significantly improve the experience.

Overcoming Barriers: Obstacles present themselves in many ways to cyclists. They can be simple mechanical issues or the mental insecurities that come with being clad head to toe in spandex. Sometimes these obstacles present the opportunity to expand your cycling horizons or learn new things about your world, The overcoming barriers segments will be a way for me to share my stories about this.

These two topics should be enough to keep me busy for a few weeks. Please let me know if you want to have me address a specific issue you are having or if you want to share an experience that shaped your cycling life.

See you on the ride.


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