One week until the Adventure Begins

11 Oct

This coming Sunday October 16 we are holding our first cyclocross race. The name of the race is Highroller’s Cyclocross Adventure. A funny name for a race, but the reality is that the overall experience has been an adventure. The permits, the phone calls, the course preparation, etc have all opened my eyes to the fact that promoting events is by far one of the most difficult things I have done in cycling.

Thanks to the City of Fayetteville for the use of Walker Park for the race

We have it all lined out now and we just have to see what happens on Sunday. I have talked to several folks making the drive up from Little Rock to do the event. We are looking forward to seeing those guys, and finding out how the competition for the rest of the year is going to play out. There has already been a bit of goodnatured smack talk going on via the interwebs. I have not heard of anyone coming over from the Jonesboro but I hope some of them make it too.

We still need some volunteers to make the event run smoothly but I am confident we will be able to get it all under control come Sunday. If you want to race or volunteer give me a call at the shop. 479-442-9311. We are also hoping to get a good number of spectators out at the event to cheer on the riders. There is no charge for spectating and the overall vibe at cross races is very conducive to spectators having a good time.

Tonight all the local racers are heading out to hone their skills and tune their engines at TBR, the temporary location for Microcross (Our weekly practice races).

Cross is Here! More Cowbell!

Highroller Cyclery is the place for all things CYCLOCROSS


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