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The Bike Shop in the Morning

27 Jun

The big window in the front of the store as seen from the inside.

In today’s environment there are so many things that make us hurry and speed up. We are constantly in contact through so many different media types. Facebook, Twitter, texting, etc keep us as busy as we let them from the time that we wake up until we turn in for bed. There are places that have a certain calming quality for me and bring me back to center.

The bike shop in the morning is one of those places for me. I am normally the first one to get to the shop in the morning and it falls to me to get the register started, the used bikes rolled out front and the monkey mounted up on his stationary trainer.

Most days, I come down early enough to allow myself a few minutes of respite from the rest of the world. I usually keep the lights in the shop off and let the morning sun pour through the front windows and dance through the wheels and bikes hanging from the ceiling. The days repairs hang silently in the repair bays awaiting the love they need for the day. Years of accumulated dust in the air creates a thousand sparkling galaxies floating in our small retail universe.

Some of the day's projects.

I have worked in quite a few shops over the years and they each have their own unique feel. However, the calming effect they have on me is almost always the same. I guess maybe it comes from feeling like the place is is sync with you or that you have a connection to it.

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