Mally Wagnon

16 Mar

Sometimes you find something while riding that you don’t expect. This can mean a spiritual revelation, finding some new geographic feature of your area, an epiphany about a problem in your life, or many other things. I recently explored a couple of roads that I had seen many times before but never gone down. It wasn’t a fast ride or a long ride. It was, however, one of my favorite rides of late.

Mally Wagnon

I started from Highroller on a Thursday. It was a beautiful day and the temps were perfect for knee warmers long sleeve jersey and vest. My specialized deflect gloves were amazing. I rode out my normal ride route on Wyman road. I have seen this road many times before but never taken the time to head down it. I felt my bike pull to the right and before I knew it I was rolling past some beautiful farmland.

Cool old barn.

In the distance ahead I could see an old bridge. I knew from experience that the road would soon turn to gravel. The old steel bridges that are still in use are too narrow for most two lane roads. I was on my Specialized CruX with slick tires and had just put on a new seat bag with fully stocked bits so I figured what the heck and continued on.

We won't see too many of these in the future.

The gravel only lasted a little while maybe 3/4 of a mile. I noted a survey crew that clued me in to the fact that there may soon be a new bridge and full pavement. Once I reached the HWY 16 intersection I had a choice. Continue to a road I knew or continue on my journey of exploration. Across the Hwy I could see that the road continued up toward the top of the mtn.


Once on top I was treated to amazing views of Lake Sequoia and the surrounding countryside.

Nice View

I imagined these haybales were haystacks.

After a screaming decent back to 16 and a quick jog over the bridge I made the familiar right hand turn onto Harris Community Road. I cruised along; enjoying the wind at my back and the afternoon sun pouring over the top of the mountain and filling the valley with warm shadows. I noticed a bit of road out of the corner of my eye and again felt my bike pull me into the unknown.

Warm Shadows ?! What does that even mean?

Again I found myself on a gravel section that accompanied a steam. My pedals turned effortlessly and I found a harder gear with no problem. The road spit me back onto Harris Community Rd and from there it was time to head home.

I made it in just in time to beat the cold and the dark. All in all a great afternoon.

Click below to see the route.

I finished up on the Bike path.

The Route


One Response to “Mally Wagnon”

  1. QuinT March 17, 2011 at 1:19 am #

    Looks like a great explore. As long as I have the file treads on the Crosser, I intend to seek some dirt byways myself this weekend. Gravel rules.

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