BONESHAKER: A Bicycling Almanac

28 Feb

Every so often something comes along that makes you remember why yo love the sport of cycling and inspires you to keep evolving in your cycling experience. Such an occurrence happened to me recently.

Fresh out of the package

It all began with a facebook message from Evan. He wanted to know if we had heard of Boneshaker and if we were interested in becoming a dealer. I had never heard f Boneshaker before, so off the internet I went to rustle up some info. It looked cool enough, but I honestly got distracted with some day to day stuff and kind of forgot about it all. A few days later it popped back into my consciousness and I let Evan know to send some our way.

I waited somewhat anxiously for the next week each day hoping it would arrive. However, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. All too often bicycling magazines and online publications bore me to death with pointless technical specifications of ridiculous bikes and product reviews based on what seem to be advertising dollars rather than real world experience. NOT SO with Boneshaker; the almanac is ” a collective ode to the ride itself, that fundamentally lonesome experience one has in the saddle, and the results of repeating that ride over and over in different directions on different days with different destinations in each instance.”


Once the package arrived I was hesitant to open it. I knew what lay inside could be a great disappointment, or a happy hours worth of reading. My hands grimy from a particularly nasty bicycle repair I opened the envelope and immediately know that I had to wash up so as not to grub up the presentation. The Almanac is beautifully bound and the pages turn easily. The photography pops off the page although I wish some were a bit larger. All the articles were both relevant, inspiring, and at times humorous.

An Example The Photography

I read the Almanac halfway through the first night. I had to make myself put it down so I could enjoy it more later. In a world where most cycling magazines make me cringe boneshaker makes me smile.

Ride on Bicycle Army!

Thanks for reading.


PS We still have five copies here in the store. They are going fast so come get ’em soon.


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