Continuing Education

16 Feb

New technical knowledge dropping on your cabeza like an A-bomb.

All the exhibitors at the event

That’s right people Highroller is ready for whatever you can throw at us. Earlier this month Jonathan and Sam flew out to Chicago for the Park Bike Tools Technical Summit. All of the leading component companies in the bike industry were in attendance with their inside tech guys and brought their latest products for the attendees to work on.

This guy from Fox Racing Shox really knew his stuff

Your Fox Talas won’t travel adjust any more…Avid brakes gone spongy….broke a spoke on your high end Mavic wheel…Shimano Di-2 won’t compute……bring it in. Hands on dealer events like the Park Tools Technical Summit are vital to staying on top of how to wrench on all the latest high-tech goodness and picking up insider tricks of the trade.

Fox tech disassembling the new FIT RC2 damper

Sending our guys to the industry seminars like this keeps them on their best game and keeps your bike running smoothly. It also allows us to bring that information to our customers that are interested in learning more about their bike. Through our seminars and clinics that we offer in house you can learn as much or as little about your bike as you want.

Thanks for reading. See you out on the trail (or road).


One Response to “Continuing Education”

  1. Jake Schneidewind March 19, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    I have always wondered how you guys always know your stuff…now I know.

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