Highroller Shop Clothing Review

15 Feb

I know this time of year is not when you would normally expect to find a review of summer riding clothing. However, a recent occurrence triggered me to want to put this review up a little before spring.More on that later.

Many of you may know about our shop’s custom clothing that we put on the shelves back in November. If you don’t, then allow me to introduce you to it a little more. This may sound a little like a sales pitch, and it is in a way, but you will find out why.

I have ridden and raced bikes for a long time now. I started when I was too young to know the difference between good clothing and bargain basement junk. Then I started going to college and couldn’t afford the good stuff that I knew was out there. Once I started racing it was hard to pass up the “Team Kit” ( note, Kit refers to a clothing bundle that is designed to match and be worn together.) Even though the majority of the clothing in these kits was sub par still.

Last year we had the opportunity to purchase a Highroller “Kit” that we can sell to our customers. I was very excited to be involved with the process of selecting design, fit, and materials. I knew we could provide something that I would enjoy wearing and offer it at a good value. We worked with a couple of local designers for the layout, and sourced the clothing from Pearl Izumi, possibly the leader in quality cycling apparel.

The following is a long term review of the clothing. As any of you that come into the shop know, I always review a product critically and don’t hesitate to point out features that I think could be improved upon. I have been riding it since last November and this is what I came up with.

The first time I used the kit was in a Microcross race


My first impression was “wow this is a very well ventilated jersey”. I got chilly that night even going a bloque (all out). Many of the other people wearing it confirmed this that evening.  The following pics outline some of my favorite features of the Jersey.

The ventilated neck is cool year round.

The zipper is ergonomicaly designed for easy up down use.

The jersey is full zip and offers a media port.

The media port is accesed through a weather resistant pocket.


I was impressed by the feel of the pad on the shorts, though they did seem to move around a little on the mounts and remounts. We later got the bibs in which took care of that problem. On my longer road rides the pad in the shorts performed very well.  I would definitely recommend the bibs though for any application where you are moving around on the saddle a lot.  Using the shorts for more than 2 hours proved very satisfying. I never felt any bunching or “squishing of the pad material. We chose to use the Pearl Elite 3D pad and it was worth the extra investment.



The short construction is also very high quality. I am used to a pretty flimsy lycra and low panel number. These shorts did not follow suit. The material is almost supportive, but without being restrictive.  The flat lock stitching makes them comfortable even on longer rides, and you don,t get those annoying seam marks on your thighs after you take them off.  Another thing that I love about the shorts is that they don’t have the traditional elastic at the leg opening. This makes them very comfy and keeps me from having to flip the band up to keep the silly grippers off my skin.

The leg openings are non constricting

The red stripe on the shorts matches one on the jersey.

One thing that I didn’t like too much about the shorts is the waist band. For some reason a drawstring feature is included. It is my opinion that if a person selects the correct size they will not need a drawstring. I promptly removed this useless addition.


So, the reason I decided to write this in the first place is that I decided a couple of days ago to do a roller workout at home. I normally ride in only bibs or shorts and no short. This time, I decided to show off the kit to my wife and wore the jersey too. I was amazed at the wicking aspect of the material. I was actually sweating less because I was wearing it. I had been wanting to post something about the kit for a while but thought I would wait for warmer weather. Who knew? You don’t need warm weather to enjoy the Highroller Shop Kit.

Roller ride front view

Side view of the roller ride

The Pitch

So why would you want to get the Kit?
First, all the cool kids are doing it.
Second, We have a variety fits to meet any need.
Third, Economy we are actually selling the kit for lower than the price of a comparable pearl clothing piece
Fourth, from today onward we will be giving a free kit with any bike purchase of a regularly priced bike $2000 or more.

Men shorts – $100
Women shorts – $100
Men Bibs – $125
Men team fit jersey – $95
Men club fit jersey – $95
Women jersey – $95

Buy any two items and get 10% off

Thanks for reading


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