Is it that time again?

14 Dec

You may think i am talking about Christmas. Well, not really. This time of year is great for spreading holiday cheer and drinking egg nog, but it also signals for me the clear change in mental states that I need to get ready for building base miles for next year.

I am not one of the uber racer types that monitor my calories and cant think about riding without my power meter or heart rate monitor.  I don’t put that much emphasis on it. I do however like riding with friends at pretty fast speed and don’t like to be the one slowing down the group.  So with that in mind I like to start thinking this time of year about some of the long slow rides, deep into the country, that I will be doing in January and February.

People always talk about this century ride or that race; describing it as “epic” or “hardcore”. Yes, these big ring tales are entertaining and have their place, but the rides that really get down to the heart of why I ride are the ones that no one knows about. They happen, like a tree falling in the forest when no one is around. These rides border on the spiritual, they create in me a new fire for riding and vigor to help others find their own love of the sport. Some of these rides are the same ones that we do during the summer. Others are crazy mixes of dirt roads, pavement, bike path, and ultimately the back of some guys creeper van when you can’t make it back before dark and you forgot all your lights.

Over the years there have been some that have organized some types of these rides in out area. The White Rock 100 is a great example. I love that event because it is so painful and so beautiful that at the end there is no need to talk about who won, who crashed, who got lost, or how epic it was. Anyone that finishes it knows what the experience was and loves it for the fact that just a nod and a wave to your fellow rider at the end of it all suffice to say all that words could hope for.

Some people have a hard time finding these routes on their own and each year there are more and more “organized” events happening. Here are a few that seemed cool on the internet.

The Dirty Kanza 200 200 miles ‘nuf said.

Rouge Roubaix A popular event among some of this area’s road racers

Southern Cross A longer distance cyclocross event.

If you have interest in this type of riding then contact us at the shop. We can hook you up with some good ideas.

Thanks for reading



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