State Champs XCross Report.

6 Dec

The 2010 Cyclocross season is basically over. This past weekend was the State Championship Race. It was held at Burns Park in LR, and Ryan Johnson and crew put together the best course of the whole season. The day was COLD. Starting out in the high 20s. By race time it had warmed up enough to make me wonder if I should go sans leg warmers and use some embrocation or just leave the legs covered. I opted to leave them covered.

Jonathan and Branton's Medals

The course ” incorporated part of the single track mountain bike trail.  There was a fairly long section on pavement that was down hill and fast (20-25 mph).  This led into a nautilus shell type spiral that was very difficult to negotiate. There were three barriers which included a one set of three downed trees (6-8 inches in diameter) that were spaced along an uphill section.” -Dan Greisse. There was also a killer berm with a nasty kicker that could not be ridden at high speed.  The final set of barriers before the finish consisted of the plastic barricades  you see on playgrounds that keep the mulch inside for the kiddies to play on. It was cool because the majority of the barriers could be jumped over if you had the skill. All the nights of Microcross practice came in handy. They made the the berm and the death spiral a little easier to negotiate because we had seen them before.

There was a big turnout in the B race. Which proved disastrous in the death spiral. A big pile up on the first lap caused quite a gap to develop between the leaders and everyone else.  Our team mate Nathan got caught up behind the pile up and had to work his way back up through the group to eventually take 3rd place in the 4 race.

Jonathan and I lined up for the A race at 11am and the temp was still in the low thirties.  After my warm up and the memory of Hip-hop beats pounding through my head the start didn’t seem too bad. I had OK position behind Jonathan going through the first few laps. Larry on the Meech was with me and seemed intent on dropping me. He didn’t seem to want to work together too much. So, I decided to just sit on his wheel. Eventually, my team mate Scott caught us. He seemed to be moving well and I went with him. Our pace eventually dropped Larry.

We were riding well and after a few laps I told Scott to let me lead for a few laps. We continued until i decided the course was not hard enough for Scott and turned myself into a mobile barrier on the single track section. My tubular rolled off and I had to re seat it before continuing. I think Scott waited for me because I caught him on the next road section. Sarah (team Snapple Cheerleader) told me we were keeping pace with Jonathan.  Unfortunately, over the remaining laps we were not able to bring him back. Jonathan won third overall and got a Bronze medal.

Going into the last lap Scott and I were still together.  I was feeling good and had been consistently bunny hopping the barriers to gain ground on him. My plan was to attack on the last barrier section and hope he couldn’t catch me on the pavement section to the finish. Alas, my plan was flawed. I had not anticipated going into “Barrier mode” again on the lead up to the barriers.

As I dusted myself off I saw Scott riding away, and with him my dreams of an Arkansas State Champs Jersey. I was happy for Scott though he brought home the Cat3 State Championship Jersey for team Snapple. He has had a great year, and it gives me something to work toward next year. Thanks to all the people who came out and raced or watched. Big props to Snapple and all team Snapple members.

Thanks for reading.

Branton Moore

2010 Cross Season Conclusion


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