Why Should Kid’s Bikes Be Inferior

3 Dec

Remember your first bike? Chances are that you do. Fond memories of the freedom you felt after those first few pedal strokes under your own power unencumbered by the world as you knew it.

We have a full selection of bikes for Christmas

This time of year as many kids ask for bikes from Santa we see a good number of shoppers looking at kid bikes. Here at Highroller we know that the most important bikes we sell  are the kid bikes. These riders are truly our future customers. We know that without them we can only stay around as long as our current customer base is active. We strive to provide the best service and product that we can, in order to keep these young riders happy and interested.

Some of the bikes we provided for the Washington County Schools

So many times we encounter the issue of price when parents consider a kid bike purchase. Of course this is an important consideration, but in the bigger picture of the experience that the bike will provide the price is a very small obstacle. Some of the reasons for spending the extra money on the bike from a bike shop are durability, weight, and rider experience.  These are the same qualities that we taut in the high quality adult bikes we sell.

Kid bikes are subjected to some of the greater abuse levels that our mechanics see. Because of this it is important that the durability of a bike shop kid bike is much longer than the department store brands. This higher level of durability is achieved through the use of better manufacturing and materials. Very often we see a bike start with the first child in the family and continue to be passed on to future brothers and sisters.

The weight of the bike is just as important in a kid bike as in and adult bike. Think about how a light bike accelerates under you and gives you the feeling that you can ride. Children are sensitive to that sensation too and will always prefer a light bike to one that is heavy and cumbersome.  All our high quality kid bikes use lightweight aluminum tubing for the frame and many also use alloy rims.

The experience that the bike provides the rider is part of the joy of riding. It is influenced by many factors. Price is generally not something we hear a complaint about after the purchase of the bike. In fact we hear time after time from parents that have invested in a good bike for their kids that they would do it again because their children love the bike so much. It is no fun to always have to fix something. Especially a bike. You want to jump on and ride. Unfortunately department store bikes are cheap in price and in quality. We see a constant stream of them in for repair, but hardly ever need to tune up the high quality kid bikes we sell. It is also important that the bike fits well. We have a size to fit any size child and there are a variety of adjustments on each model to accommodate the rider.

Merry Christmas.  We hope to see you in the shop soon.



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