Highroller Clothing Is Ready To Go

26 Oct

So, the time has come. For a long time now we have been talking about getting Highroller custom clothing for the store. We didn’t want it to be a “team kit” rather a tasteful kit that lets us represent the shop on local rides.

In talking to local cyclists we found that many other people had intrest in the clothing as well. We began the process of design and manufacture selection about a year ago. The design took a while to get ironed out, and we  chose to go with Pearl Izumi as our supplier because of the high quality of their equipment.

We received our custom clothing shipment last week and now have begun selling it. We kicked off the line with a great shindig at the store. We had Tiny Tim’s Pizza and several choice beverages on hand for refreshment.  A good time was had by all.  We opted to get both team and club fit jerseys which turned out to be a good idea because it makes a big difference in how the jersey feels. It was about half and half on the selection team fit versus club fit. The ladies kit also turned out really nice.  Notice Cindy sporting her new outfit below.

We have all sizes and styles right now. The shorts are the Pearl Izumi Elite Short. I rode in them yesterday and really was impressed by them. If you are familiar with the pearl line think Ultrasensor or the new elite chamois. Call or email if you want to reserve one.

One question has arisen through the process of all this. Why do we call a riding outfit a kit? Seems kind of silly. I cant think of any other sport that calls their uniforms “kits”. Then again, there is no other sport quite as great as cycling.

Thanks for reading.


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