JMSR Comes to town

5 May

Every year around this time the Joe Martin Stage Race Comes to town. Highroller is right downtown and is happy to be part of the action. We always see people come in with last minute repairs and emergency fixes. Mostly tubular glue and new tires for race wheels. Cables, housing, chains, and rear ders are also high on the list.

The Pro riders are almost always understanding and easy to deal with. They generally know and understand that the bulk of our business comes from  regular joe and jane cyclist riding for fun on the weekend, not the uber fast cat 1 or pro racer .  So when They ask for an obscure part and we dont have it they understand why. We almost always find a way to fix the issue if they have patience which most high level racers do when it comes to resolving  their issue.

The category or masters racers are the ones most likely to cause a scene when we cant drop everything on Saturday to tune up their uphill specific time trial bike. “What?! What do you mean you don’t have a campy 11 speed left hand shifter to put on my bike right now?!!”. HA.  That was an actual call we fielded earlier.

Don’t get me wrong. We want to help anyone. We just as for a little respect and patience. We will address issues with the same demeanor that we are given with.  We do our best to anticipate most needs and hope we can take care of all the problems we run into.  So far so good but the weekend is just beginning.

See you all out on the roads.


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